No alpha, nor feminist

what does that
mean to me?
being a male actually
makes me afraid
and doubtful.
portrayal of “alpha male”
tendencies, coupled with
the fear that males
are inherently dangerous
to a woman’s safety
makes me reluctant
to consort with women.
i’ve heard stories,
from female classmates,
who have been harassed
by perverse males
while traveling by bus.
apparently they are
unaware of unwarranted
i’ve never considered anyone below me,
in fact, quite the opposite.
but with this new found insight,
i’ve taken a further step back
when dealing with women,
knowing that any good
intentioned act i attempt,
could be misconstrued
as a negative.
thus, i must guard myself
from misconception
because those before me
perpetuate an ideal
that holds no value.

Embarrassment caught in between

i’ve got something stuck
in between my teeth.
i think it was from a
meal passed, but
who can really tell?
maybe those that didn’t
say a damned thing
when talking to you?
forgive their embarrassment,
they were only trying to spare
themselves from admitting to
having actually been judging you.
but that’s okay, it happens.
what i can’t get over is
how they let me walk
around with my
pants zipper down?
no wonder it felt cool.

Pick what you want. We all have dirty fingers.

I skipped cutting my toenails a couple days ago and it looks as though I’ve decided to do just the same with my finger nails. Sure, they lower my physical appeal, but damn, they work wonders when excavating golden nuggets that cling to my nose canal like a bat on a stalactite. I know it’s gross. You expect children, not adults, to clean their nose in such an uncivilized way. Although, nose picking adult do exist. A great example of the adult nose picker can be found when watching people in their cars. It’s as if they have forgotten their car has windows. Furiously digging, I do not wish to stare, in case I’m caught. Instead, what I would like to do is cheer them on, go for gold. Or, another instance of nose robbery, there’s the moments in which you look away for a second, only to turn around and see the other person quickly removing their hand from their face. Oh sure, it could be that they had an itch to scratch or a pimple to touch. But we all know what they were doing, at least it can be assumed by that red embarrassment of the face. It seems that guilt has exposed them, but we should not judge them. We should relate to them because sometimes things need to be picked at in order to be resolved. Besides, those dry crusty boogers are just out right irritating when inhaling through one’s nose. Besides, it’s hard to say who is civilized and who’s not when we all, from one time or another, react in a primeval way according to certain situations. Now excuse me, I must itch my face.