Putting you before me except after, let’s see

what’s worth all this fighting and control if what we fight for and try to control is extinguished the moment we die? of course, we should not give up on living an ideal of a good life, but is there a way to attain what we want without hurting others? in a similar fashion of lessening our environmental footprint, can we not take the same precautions towards that of our fellow neighbours? there are things i want in life and in order to get them i must put myself first. although, in doing so i feel like i’ve now become an obstacle in someone else’s pursuit. i question my self-worth and don’t see why i should value myself over another. progress cannot be made atop of faulty foundation. i guess i really should just take stock and invest it in a stronger framework. i know that where i’m going, there’s no need to rush, nor will i have to¬† cut in line. the finish line is marked, but the end is indeterminate. i might a well suck the life out of each second because that’s how long it all takes.

The Joneses ethics

He bumped his head, that’s how it started. I’ve got nothing to do with this, but you wanted a story. Although, I’m not the one to tell it. You need to ask Sally for the dirt. But say story in place of dirt. She tends to be literal and might actually hand you dirt. Ha, who am I kidding, there’s no Sally. Christ, there’s no story. I wish there was one, that would be more interesting. If there was a story, you’d leave me alone. What do I look like to you? A friggin’ book? I’m surprised that I’ve been able to explain this to you this far. I have a hard time with words and putting them together. The teachers have all said the same thing, “he needs to apply himself.” But what do you tell them that you’ve applied and they’ve rejected your application? Apparently my effort, according to them, was a lack of effort. So what the hell are they teaching me? I’m not worth their time. So I’ve given up on pleasing them and tried to please myself. It’s a hard task when trying to keep up with the Joneses. These people seem superior in all respects. They’ve done nothing for anyone but themselves. In turn, this has caused many hardships for others. So what’s this story I was going to tell… Oh yeah, go ask Sally.