New because it is

speaking these written words
don’t sound quite right.
the tip of the tongue
outmaneuvers this pen.
the pen corrects the
slips a tongue lives.
present unrequited safety in time,
wrote by reflection,
borne of changing moments.
look back to gauge
a way forward,
modifying each step
to current rhythms.

Unabashed fault lines

dipping with excess,
the mistakes are glaring.
surely you did not forget to punctuate
of course not,
that would be wrong.
how about accentuate     ?
need that be necessary?
how about Capitalize?
you know beginnings are important,
and so are names.
okay, so you’ve managed so far.
but does it make sense?
did you reread what you wrote,
and edit yourself?
heck no… should i?
Yes, you really should!
okay, i will do so next time.
until then, i’ll try to lessen
the faults to which many are lost.