Hot ears ring

my ears are burning.
hell, they’re getting
hotter. as i realize
the sensation more,
i notice a ringing.
damn it.
what is this ringing?
the more i focus on it,
the more it’s all i hear.
the ringing drowns the burn.
then i remember the burning.
the ringing subsides.
hell, they’re getting

The wind speaks according to listening

there’s this whisper in my ear.
others can’t hear it.
i’m sure if they do,
it doesn’t speak what i hear.
the wind of such eloquence tickles my ear,
although, others have stated such experience.
who am i to discredit them,
because like them,
i’ve felt the wind.
it’s just that this caress
seems to differ to theirs.
can either of us be wrong?
of course, to one another.
but are we really wrong if
we follow our true nature?