Backed up to my ears

i enjoy taking shits.
yes, it’s a vulgar,
but it relieves my body of
what is unnecessary.
much like the external waste
my perception takes in.
as much as i think i’m in control,
the amount of subversion
overwhelms me.
be that as it may,
my soul is so backed up,
i need a virtual life to
relieve myself.
still, i feel stuck.

What’s that down below?

Man what the hell is that? I woke up feeling fine, or at least as fine as I can be – which to be honest, is better than most. But today, something was off. I couldn’t place it. Okay, that’s a lie, I could place it. It’s between down south. I’ve woken many a timeĀ  and I’ve never noticed this. This mash up of floppiness. Not big, but it looks to be equivalent to my stature. Slightly discoloured and limp. Hmmm, what the hell? Since when does my belly button carry lint?

Distracting the context through style.

I heard the sounds, although they’ve came across muffled. Not sure what they’d not want me to hear? I figured my attention was already heavily divided, between the sober and inebriated, I didn’t have the capacity nor interest to maintain useless information that wouldn’t aid in my survival. As a remark, I’m thoroughly filled with useless information, but their eventual use is still unknown to me. I’m hoping it’ll lead to some fun ideas. Anyways, see how easily distracted I get, there’s no need for any sort of explicit disinformation. I think the best distraction is style. But what the hell do I know? I just spent this entire entry inebriated and unashamed and completely unaware. Heads up, privacy is questionable.

Hey, what do I know?

I must admit that my knowledge is limited. Besides that, my understanding also stoops to such lows. I’m born a “blank slate” and from there my parents inscribe upon me their knowledge, which they got from “blank slates” past. It’s hard for me to discern truth, due to my lack of understanding. It’s not how sharp it is, it’s the depth with which it reaches, and to that, everyone, potentially, wields a valid point. If science draws a blank upon defining the reality of existence/mind, then how can I trust anyone, myself included?
I’ve been told that I “read” to much into what’s being expressed, therefore, my thoughts are misconstrued. Now if everyone is a little bit off in their judgement of what is “true,” how can I be deemed wrong? I’m sure some one can validate or surmise their truth, but if we all have been taught by an empty teacher, who really can speak of truth? I’m readily available to take another words as truth, but that’s only because I mistrust my judgement. Which, by the way, comes from another who is just as disinformed as I.