Be kind to your bathtub

i’ve got lint between my toes.
it doesn’t bother me so much.
i think my bathtub minds, though.
water being the main
source of consumption,
i’m sure its not happy
with foreign objects.
i know that hair makes it sick.
well, it’s got to be a lot of hair.
and not short hair, long hair.
there’s only so much it can take
before the dirt returns.
and remember
delint before bathing,
no need for messes.

Dirty tongue dries mouth

these crackers are dry.
they suck the moisture from my mouth.
luckily i have drink at hand.
but to be honest,
this drink leaves me dry and wanting.
so i continue the consumption,
luckily, without the tb.
i suck at my own tongue for moisture,
and all i get is dirt.
well i think i’d be happy if i got actually dirt.
maybe they i could plant something useful.