Left, right, back or front, either way, i’m moving

just move
find your beat
and carrying it loud
move how you will for
your pleasure depends on it
we all hear a different rhythm
and act accordingly
understanding experience
looks odd from outside
life lives apart of perception
one that distorts reality
differences shared
through a loosely
veiled guise.

Working crazy

i stock shelves,
intelligence not required.
good for me
but apparently,
we are located
in a surrounding neighbourhood
filled with oddballs.
of course, i do work there
so how can i be so surprised?
i guess i never realized
the variances in peoples.
cookie cutter norms
have proved incorrect.
dictionaries define
what experience cannot.
labels limit exceptions
damaging true value.

Equally different

difference is the foundation of inequality.
naturally different, equally constructed.
living stacked layers, sun closer for some.
value difference for the value of balance.
variation develops contrast of foundation.
improperly measured, equivalence falters.
the general marks rule, address the specific.
discrepancy accentuated through matter.
materials exist to only further separate.
that left unseen is the most beautiful.