Selling confidence

are you found
lacking, or
think you are?
if so, we’ve got
something for
act now,
before you
think delay.
buyers swear
by it,
on it
and even
to it.
just make one
easy payment,
ten times,
to fill a space
you didn’t
know existed.
we designed
a  solution to
a problem we
may have created.
we are not liable
for any damages,
physical or mental,
because, let’s face it,
it’s made in

I’ve played this game before.

“You will do well to remember that the world is just as it was formerly, and will go on at the same rate. If you either dip into history, or recollect your own experience, you will perceive the scenes of life strangely uniform, and nothing but the old plays revived.” – Marcus Aurelius

I’m not sure when it was that I thought this, but it doesn’t help that I found this to further support my thinking. I can’t say for certain, although my time spent in Serbia was enough to let me know, leaving home doesn’t change anything. Granted, I enjoy my time in Serbia, and regardless of the communication barrier, I found that life is similar. Surely traditions and customs differ, but life continues.

And it makes me laugh that I dwell upon the notion of a man many years ago, who has put forth the same thought that I’ve worked towards. Maybe I search for confirmation, or maybe, it is, in some form, true. But again, what is truth? We may belong to a similar nature, but are we the same?

No. We’ve planted ourselves with roots of many years, yet each blossoming differs, regardless of the same tree from which it’s borne. I believe it was through the learning of graphic design that I established such a notion. The cosmetics may have changed, yet the message remains the same. That was something I noticed in the realm of learning. No matter what/how pretty the picture, the message remained the same. This must by why the ideals of the modernists, leaning more towards a graphic designers slant, have captivated me like they did, form follows function.

I’ve come to the realization that form does not hold weight without context, thus, reenforcing the idea that form follows function. I cannot be entirely sure because of discrepancy, but I’m sure enough that I let it dictate my actions.

Certified shit maker

I enjoy talking shit because it is something I make on the daily. I’m capable of such talk since it’s been my life’s work to produce such copious amounts of it. Oh yeah, and I try to draw and design. Or is it that I design to draw? No, wait, I draw a design… Yeah I think I do those too, but I’m not entirely sure. I guess the lack of accolades and career tells me otherwise. I’m mean, I’ve received a piece of paper proving my competence, yet there doesn’t seem many who would vouch for shit. It saddens me because I’m thoroughly knowledgeable in that which is transgressive. I’m the arrow shot straight through shit. The course was straight, but the target, by happenstance, is a load of shit. Although I must admit, I see shit everywhere. Luckily I’ve invested in some new glasses, so I’m sure I’m perspective will change.

Resume appeal

Yet another quickie, but something, in my opinion, is typecast as standard, boring, and straight-forward. The link is of an article that shows 10 unique resume ideas that will surely spark the interest of the interviewer. Now, for me, maybe some seem over the top, but I’m in no way discrediting its creativity, nor its ability of appeal. I created, at most, 4 resumes, all of which held similar information and were created in word. They all lacked creativity, but after viewing these potential resume concepts, it proves to me that creativity has its place everywhere. Now I personally won’t go out of my way to bake a cake with my resume piped on top, but I’ll definitely keep in my its aesthetic value to potential viewers. Sure what it looks like has the subtle ability to grab attention, but without the necessary qualifications, you might as well give it to your grandma. Content and form are crutches for one another, and both should compliment one another.

Geist, magazine style I appreciate.

I remember buying my first peculiar magazine, Geez Magazine, and being drawn to the visual interest
created with their designs. The content of the writing was something new as well and later took to searching
for relatable designs.

I’m not exactly sure, but my memory recalls the website being called Genuine Canadian Magazine. It’s a discounted magazine subscription website, but I was using the site  for magazines I could possibly check out in-stores. I chanced Geist and I’ve found it serves as a great aspiration I wish to someday fulfill.

The page layouts are fairly unobtrusive with its steady flow pacing. In designing it as such, they have focused attention to the content more than the design. This is due to the fact that this magazine is for creative writing, therefore, much of the visual design coexists with the content but does little to dominate.

There are ads placed throughout the magazine, but it’s not overwhelming. Personally, I find it entertaining to read, look, and imagine ads and their stories. So the number of ads didn’t bother me.

Geist’s visual and tactile design, approach, solutions and aesthetic are what  attracted me. Thus, enabled my choice in purchasing my first copy. Since then, I’ve stored upon a shelf, all the Geist magazines I’ve purchased, out of sentimentality. Overall, Geist might not for everyone, but I think it’s worth a look.

Helpful Adobe CS6 tutorials

I found a website in my search in creating a spiral in Illustrator cs6. It might be a simple function to preform in Illustrator, but it wasn’t something i could do properly. During my browsing I came upon a short video clip that explained how to create an equally spaced spiral. I found another tutorial video that showed how to create a simple op art rendering. Perfect, seeings how for a calendar project, I chose to mimic the styling of an op artist, Yaacov Agam. The author of these tutorial videos, Deke McClelland, only offers a select few of his videos for free, but it’s a good start for practice. I think it’s worth a look to get the ball rolling and from there, to branch out to other places.

Slightly lit into the tunnel

I was looking up unique folding instructions for use in an upcoming project, Project of Nothing.

So I’m searching, it’s not to long till I’ve found something of interest. I watch it, I’ve enjoyed it, now what else does he have, he being Lori Pullman. I realize I’m on a neat website, with artful videos, and I decide to use the search engine. This site, by the way, is I figured that if I found Lori’s videos on this site, I’m sure, although not certain, there might be more paper folding videos to be found. I then came across this video. I liked what I saw and continued to look through the creators profile. This link is for the artist/designer, Greg Barth. The video is just a quick overview of some of his work. I found it extremely interesting to see how he and his team plan then create, it’s wicked.

Now, I have a better idea for the end result of my package design, the Project of Nothing. I’m putting up just a fragment of the research I’ve collected. I’ve labelled each image with a specific title. The titles correspond to the function of each image. According to my interpretation of the project’s criteria, this “nothing” is intangible. Take for example love, if you had to reduce love to a product, what would you design to capture others interests.? Or image the packaging for the ability to grow flowers on grass by peeing on it. Now I didn’t chose something that ridiculous, instead, I chose to design for Light. With my concept, I’m taking what I think light is and how is/can it be interpreted, and revision my thoughts from what I’ve seen of other people. I have thumbnails, but I’ll long those up in a bit. I don’t have credits for the images that I’m reshowing, but I might have them on my pinterest account, bradical12.

Project of Nothing, mood board

Project of Nothing, mood board

Green Peace UK rebrands BP

Now this contest is over, yet I think that the concept is interesting and has the potential to be applied against other companies. Green Peace UK put out a contest asking for the public to rebrand the corporation BP after its recent 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. To be honest, I think it would be great if the public was asked to rebrand companies after their disasters or poor choice. It’s one way for people to become involved with current events, it’s starts discussions, it requires people to get creative, and let’s face it, it’s the public’s gift for the offending company. Check out the contest here and the submitted logos.

Money as art

This is one designer’s take on what the American money should look like. Each bill is represented with an image that directly corresponds with the valued amount. The design for each bill is aesthetically pleasing as well as well thought out. The colour choice is bold and eye catching, with the type choice being clean and legible. Overall, I think that this project was an interesting and fresh approach in the design of currency. Here is the link to the concept design of American money.