Standing in a crowd of one

isolation fosters difference
others cannot give.
sameness en mass
renders loneliness
as antisocial.
to stand out
is to stand alone.
insight sits upon
a crooked fence
that overlooked
fields of green.

Strategy of the undecided.

i’m a poor strategist,
all or nothing.
but that’s hard when
sitting upon the fence.
i see both sides of the green.
i can’t decide which
side to choose when
both sides look green.
i’m all in for indecision.
to decide is to commit,
and i’m not certain with choice.
given more time for choose,
i’ll remain undecided.
i cannot chose one for the other
without really knowing.
but once known,
i’ve lost.
i cannot pick one for the other,
both are correct, being it
win or lose.