New companies built upon design

This site is a good resource for anyone with an interest in design. It’s basically an article on how design works as an essential function in a business, more specifically new emerging companies, types of design, and design of products and its affect on audiences. Clean design and simply written, it serves as a short, yet sweet, introduction into the world of design, for those who have a limited knowledge in such a subject. Follow this link to see what I’m so poorly trying to say. And at the bottom of the page, there are a list of linked icons that serve as design related resources.

Wallet sized hook, line and sinker

A solid resource to a creative approach for a business card. To think that a business card is more than just information, but in fact, it can be a means to portray your skills, your business, or even your personality in a visually catching way. Of course, one must think about practicality when creating a fancy business card because of how business cards are generally stored. The ideas seen in the photographed examples are, in my opinion, a great resource that has the potential in generating others to create more interesting business cards. To visit the site, click here.