I try art because art lives

“art saves him, and through art – life.”

this was a line that i took, probably out of context, from friedrich nietzche. you must pardon me, for i’m trying to read what i don’t know, which to be honest, is everything. disregarding his initial intention, i’ve taken these words to mean something else to me.

this snippet in particular resonates with why i create, let alone think. i’ve always used some form of art to express myself. it’s a cyclical existence you see: i live to create and i create what i live. i’ve tried to realize my shortcomings as a so called “artist” – the lack of technical proficiency and misconception – although, i use these weaknesses as a strength. how can a weakness be a strength? simple. to know one’s limit is to know one’s progress.

i will admit mediocrity, even when i strive for originality. Knowing this, i still create what i can with what i’ve got because this cathartic impulse can only be satiated by myself.

regardless of its uselessness to others, i create because i live and i live for that ideal that is but a shadow of reality i experience.

Context can be said in many words.

I’m not entirely sure what you get when you mix two compounds together, or whether they will or will not adhere. All that I can say for sure is the experience will be uniquely singular. We may share similar experiences, but exact experience seems, to my limited knowledge, highly improbable.

Even if we were situated side by side experiencing the same situation at present, the connotations and (mis)understanding to which we each use our language would posit us in having a completely different experience, counter to similar words expressed. We leave much assumption to colloquialisms and idiosyncrasies, that we lose the innate essence of the experience we attempt to contain. Something that by nature is free flowing.

I’ve expressed my lack of refinement as being the unabashed use of raw thought, regardless of how incoherent and illiterate it may read. Due to this seeming lack of polish will draw harsh critique or passing me up as being dumb. That’s okay, because I’m only capable of presenting myself as I know, and I admit that my education is limited. All I’m trying to say is we know words, but they affect us differently, regardless of their universal definition.