ZENN approach to car industry

A quick video clip from the Rick Mercer Report that showcase’s a Canadian made electric car. I’m not sure when this episode aired, so maybe ZENN Motor Company has been bought out, or they’re still awaiting the green light to be sold in Canada, but it’s well worth a watch.

Hopefully, this publicity helps bolster the ZENN car as a new standard for automobile makes to be held to. The car costs approximately $12,000 cdn, so car companies saying it’s to expensive to make and sell can take a lesson from ZENN. I’m not fond of the aesthetics, even though its style is quirky and fun, the main focus of creating an environmentally friendly car is much more important.

You can visit the ZENN Motor Company’s website here. Now, I’ve recently blogged about e-waste, and sure this sounds like an ideal alternative to greenhouse gases, but how well is its recyclability? I’m for an environmentally friendly mode of transportation, especially one that is made in the country I live in.