Animals run things

i often wish to be an animal. then i’m reminded i am an animal, but one who apparently thinks. i realize the complications to my simplistic definition, but i think that these other animals are capable of thinking too. it’s been written that they lack rationale, or reason, but i in no way can deny their reason for their way of life. they could act out of behaviour, or they could think behaviour, which then becomes an act. the only difference between us and the animals is advertising and business. but i’m sure they have their own business, but to each their own.

I don’t have VD but I do have GD

Being a recent graduate of a graphic design course, and forever student, I’ve come to the realization that I’m not immune to the beast I’m involved with. I was bred of her, nursed from her bosom, then unleashed to the world to spread her. Although, during periods of nursing, I’ve recognized my mother at work. I’ve grown aware of her abilities, obviously not all, seeings how I still return for sustenance, but I can say confidently, I’m now better equipped to deal with her. Her transmutation of mediums may distract my eyes, but her words deceive her. Communication is her art, which makes my task to disrupt her disinformation for others to make well informed, and hopefully objective, choices. As long as I’m in the business to make “pretty products,” I have a responsibility to provide others with information based on integrity and objectivity, and of course, with my sense of style. Hey, I need to make money too.