What’s that holding me back?

excuse the limp.
it’s kind of my fault.
well actually,
it’s the fault of my body.
i was mentally prepared for
what my body needed to experience.
choice has left me feeling
disoriented and outstretched.
air filled fists thrashing futility,
doubt becomes foundation.
adapt to the ever-changing sameness.

What’s that down below?

Man what the hell is that? I woke up feeling fine, or at least as fine as I can be – which to be honest, is better than most. But today, something was off. I couldn’t place it. Okay, that’s a lie, I could place it. It’s between down south. I’ve woken many a timeĀ  and I’ve never noticed this. This mash up of floppiness. Not big, but it looks to be equivalent to my stature. Slightly discoloured and limp. Hmmm, what the hell? Since when does my belly button carry lint?