Baseball speaks life

strike a match,
strike a pose,
strike three,
your out.
of what?
where to?
how come,
and why?
blind faith
cannot win bases.
swinging at chances
create opportunities
of scoring.
to late now
for a bunt.


Get your hand off my weiner.

Yes you read correctly. I was absolutely shocked by such an action. What disregard to ones own personal space. I was so offended that I lashed out. I freaked, but come on, who wouldn’t? It all started while I was at a baseball game. Surprise. I was about to take a bit of my hot dog when a pigeon decided to intercept my pass. Yeah, a pigeon, those flying shit rats needed extermination. Oh, did you think something else? No, my penis was fine. My uncle was taking care of that. I was more concerned with the 2$ I spent on a hot dog that was being attacked by pigeons. Ha¬† ha, that tickles. Easy with the nibbling.