Speaking to self vanity.

i could write, or more correctly, being this the mode of this website, type continuously. but what would i speak of? what we all speak, words. i would arrange them in a way that makes sense to me and just do that. yes, there are tips to garnering a greater readership, but that comes with time. i’m sure you can employ tricks and falsities, but that’s like weight lighting with steroids. surely, you get results, but they are not true. i would like to apologize to fellow followers, and any skimmers, i do not use such tactics. instead, i express myself using my lack of wit and intelligence as a mode of catharsis, because i am vain. hey, at least i’m attempting to be honest with this virtuality, but more importantly, myself.

Transitory thank you

No, this isn’t personalized, but regard the following sentiments as heartfelt, although never publicly affirmed. Surprise at your passing like or indifferent follow, I shy away from such actions as my virtual peers. This shyness is a euphemism for fear, one based in deadlock reason. Logic permits my fears, regardless how irrational. Take it as, “being irrationally logical.” So for all people to don me attention, I’m appreciative your your action and apologize to you for not returning continuation. I think myself fear, and there it is. The foundation has remained, supporting an adapting aesthetic geared in perpetuation of something misunderstood. We all see dots, it’s in how we connect them that constellations are made. Thanks again for your time. There’s only so much validation one can receive from conceptually stagnate family. It takes an idiot to call an idiot. I call idiot on myself.