Transitory thank you

No, this isn’t personalized, but regard the following sentiments as heartfelt, although never publicly affirmed. Surprise at your passing like or indifferent follow, I shy away from such actions as my virtual peers. This shyness is a euphemism for fear, one based in deadlock reason. Logic permits my fears, regardless how irrational. Take it as, “being irrationally logical.” So for all people to don me attention, I’m appreciative your your action and apologize to you for not returning continuation. I think myself fear, and there it is. The foundation has remained, supporting an adapting aesthetic geared in perpetuation of something misunderstood. We all see dots, it’s in how we connect them that constellations are made. Thanks again for your time. There’s only so much validation one can receive from conceptually stagnate family. It takes an idiot to call an idiot. I call idiot on myself.

Thank you virtuality

I want to thank those who’ve attempted in understanding.
then again, i’m not difficult,
just incoherent.
properly expressed,
many would fine me redundant.
i’m a graphic designer using his hand
at written lines,
not those drawn.
mind you, i have tools for assistance.
then again, those who have written before me
pose as tools from present written creation.
i just want to make it clear i appreciate
all those who’ve been bothered to press
the like button.
i like those who have and who have not.
without those who do and don’t,
i would not be who i am.
the do’s and don’t make the
can’s and cannot’s a reality.

Bricks lain for the future

i was told i have soft hands.
it’s true, but they’re not newborn.
it was an interaction with an older man who was a brick layer assistant.
i was having a smoke.
he asked my why i was alone, then inquired whether i worked here.
i told him we have different breaks and yes, i work here.
he showed me his hands,
gnarled gloves unflinching of manual labour.
what he didn’t speak to me, his hands spoke.
he didn’t know who i was,
and i didn’t know who he was.
his advice, tailored more towards manual labour,
made me appreciate my job even more.
he told me if what i work gets me from point a to b,
that’s all that’s needed.
i don’t disagree with him there.
we are constantly traveling between points,it’s just the matter of connecting the dots.
my break had ended and i thanked him
for what i didn’t think.

Thank you for me

i would love to thank you,
but you did nothing for me,
sure, in spirit i took
the essence of a being,
but not of being.
i don’t see why i should thank you,
but again, you are a part.
just as i am a part,
we all make it work.
i’m getting sentimental over the
miracles of life.
and i guess, what the hell, why not?
as far as i know i only get one.