Going out of the usual

i had a great time last night
are you okay with it?
i hope i didn’t offend
my filter was
drowned in alcohol
loosening an already
slippery tongue
direct your concerns
i can’t read between the lines
you seemed to be laughing
and i hope it wasn’t
at my expense
although i did pay
more than was necessary
but it adds up.

Starting an end to the beginning.

i knew it wouldn’t last. of course, with a remark like that, isn’t any wonder it didn’t? i suppose it is negative, but as far as i know, all things must pass. i knew from the beginning, whatever it was we were undertaking, trying to develop, it was just some rudimentary response. i didn’t know why you chose me, especially of all the likely candidates. i make ordinary look adventurous. reluctantly, i accepted your proposition, waiting in silence for the inevitable end. to start at the end, would be an end to the start. we are as much to blame for what happens to others as for what happens to us. i can attempt slander or spread disinformation, but such an act is undeserving, misguided and cowardly. my strife is my own and should not be called your name. patience has given you wings.