Hot ears ring

my ears are burning.
hell, they’re getting
hotter. as i realize
the sensation more,
i notice a ringing.
damn it.
what is this ringing?
the more i focus on it,
the more it’s all i hear.
the ringing drowns the burn.
then i remember the burning.
the ringing subsides.
hell, they’re getting

Thinking crowds a space.

it’s feeling a bit stuffy in here.
yes, it’s crowded,
but i don’t think that’s why.
it’s been hot all day,
so it can’t be the temperature.
being that it’s hot,
i’m wearing the least amount
of clothing acceptable on a man.
the beverages are ice cold,
albeit not frozen.
so what the hell is it
that is making me
suffocate this heat?
i’ve got an idea.
one. two. three…
whoa, that feels better.
wait, where did i put my wallet?

Drawing lines of crooked writting

i find it easier to write lines
rather than draw lines.
mind you,
one can write lines drawn.
being uneducated in the proper
use of language for expression,
i don’t take this seriously,
thus, i don’t sweat the mistakes.
being formally taught how to draw
a “proper” line
makes me anxious about
the possibility of mistake.
i shouldn’t worry, it’s true.
we all are trying to draw straight lines
with these slants that support our head.

Playing towards a new game

games are fun.
i like playing them.
i’m not the best,
nor am i good.
maybe i’m the worst,
but i can follow.
the rules are confusing
and always changing.
on top of that,
there are other players.
if understanding the rules
weren’t difficult enough,
now i must understand
these players.
if not at least try to be
of their playing.
i find it easiest to play alone,
but get confused with more players.
i shouldn’t get so anxious.
as far as i know,
we’re playing the same game.
each with their own
i must adjust my game
to encompass more than
just myself.
i think
i’ll start a
new game.

3 beats 4 if it were 5

it’s hot.
damn, why do i feel so hot?
feels like i’m being roasted on the inside.
i… i think i’m going to be sick.
these butterflies, they’re stinging like bees.
focus goddamnit, it’s just nerves.
i guess i’m just fixated on the unknown.
why does it have to act up now?
i’m going to race a dog.
it has 3 legs.
that could be the problem,
i guess.
some say handicap, for it has three legs.
others say benefit, for nature will conquer.
bullshit, i say.
three loses to four.
math would never lie, would it?
predicated probability to prevail?
only the present holds true,
unless the odds say otherwise.