Looking for a truth spoken

i was there,
but you weren’t,
at least from what i saw.
so you say you were there, eh?
well, maybe i just didn’t see you.
i waited where we agreed to meet.
that’s funny, in an odd sort of way.
i suppose this all could have happened,
or you did not show.
that seems just as likely.
i’m not calling you a liar,
not directly.
surely my eyes can be deceived,
but i waited more than an hour for you.
are you sure we were at the same place?
oh, you were there.
well, i guess i just missed you.
i doubt that,
i was there.
it’s hard to say who’s lying,
when we both say we were there.
okay, let’s not fight,
let’s reschedule.
misunderstanding happens.
to us, these words hold different meaning.
let’s meet at the same time and place.
this time,
you show up, and i’ll make sure
to look everywhere.