Refreshing thirst for depletion

I’m so thirsty. I don’t know how long it’s been since my last drink, but my mouth is parched. It screams for hydration, yet where can I gain access to any liquids? Oh yeah, that’s right, I need to be a member to receive refreshment. Well at least we are not in a shortage of this liquid hydrating substance. We can always make more, right? It’s just that I don’t have a member card. I have to pay exorbitant amounts of money to maintain my life. I guess I could stop driving my car. Would that help us, slightly, in sparing our pure refreshment? So I’m off the road… now what? Does that make the taste fresher? Better? It actually tastes just the same. I’m feeling cheated and dissatisfied. Heck, I’m just going to drive to the other corner store and seek refreshment. Maybe I’ll just ask this guy in his unnecessarily large truck where I can find decontaminate source.


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