Toe in the water

I’m just seeing how cold the water is. I guess i’ve not properly warmed the water for people to submerse themselves completely, but to be honest, I don’t have the right type of heating for such a task. I think I’ll just run the heater once and a while so as not to lose function. Ultimately the heater is only for myself, and I do not wish to compete with the other products out there. If one person, besides myself, can feel the heat, then I’ve done my job. The job being to warm, but specifically the amount of people to be radiated upon, just enough for the minimal amount of out put. This is a virtual space and it is cold as all hell, although hell is warm, this embodies hell but at a frigid climate. Hell hath frozen over, yet no apocalypse trumpets its arrival. Better modes of heat are found else where. This has all been a test.

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