Life-before birth

The title is the subject, of which I can’t say I remember or experienced. However, to say I did not experience life before birth could be false. How? Sleepwalking. Think about it, the person is in an unconscious state preforming tasks that one isn’t consciously experiencing, but is technically experiencing. It’s just that these sleep walkers are unaware of their unconscious experience. I’m scared of my certain death, but never really thought of what my life was like before birth. It feels, according to memory, as though I’ve just appeared at a certain time, with certain characteristics, and since then continued to use what I have, until death. I’ve come and will leave my ‘being’ in a similar manner, unknowingly. So maybe the after-life is the same as the before-life? If this is true, there no proof to approve or disprove such a statement. That’s alright with me though, it gives me something to do.

ps, I forget what writer I’ve read who imparted such a notion of life before life, but I wish to make mention that this idea is not my own, nor are these words, yet I feel compelled to spread them.

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