Bike helmet safety is cool

Here is a site, one that I cannot read, but what I put into the translator, it’s an awareness campaign/project for bike helmet safety. According to this website, only 8% of French cyclists wore their helmet on their last outing. I can attest to not wearing a helmet when I ride a bike even though I really should. I think it is an aesthetic reason, which is a stupid reason not to wear one because that could be the difference between life or death. So it seems that this organization, Prévention MAIF, put out a contest to see who could make a creative helmet that is practical, employs new technology and is aesthetically pleasing. It seems like a good way of raising awareness for the serious dangers of riding a bicycle without a helmet, as well as repositioning the bicycle helmet in the publics eyes. Here is the link for the contest.

Green Peace UK rebrands BP

Now this contest is over, yet I think that the concept is interesting and has the potential to be applied against other companies. Green Peace UK put out a contest asking for the public to rebrand the corporation BP after its recent 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. To be honest, I think it would be great if the public was asked to rebrand companies after their disasters or poor choice. It’s one way for people to become involved with current events, it’s starts discussions, it requires people to get creative, and let’s face it, it’s the public’s gift for the offending company. Check out the contest here and the submitted logos.

Looking to laugh, look here

I wanted to add this into the mix because I felt it necessary to make my blog design oriented, yet not so stiff and serious. The artist of these illustrations, who by chances happens to be a  graphic designer, Glenn Jones, takes two similar or completely opposite subjects/topics, and grounds them in something relatable to each portrayed subject/topic, or to something experienced in everyday life. It’s a visual display of observational humor in some respect. Whatever you want to call it, it is pretty darn funny. The aesthetic, in my opinion, is slick, clean and crisp, much like that of the artists humor. Check out the link here and here. The first link is the initial showcase of this artists work on the website, Twisted Sifter, and the second link, well it’s the second mention of the artist.

Money as art

This is one designer’s take on what the American money should look like. Each bill is represented with an image that directly corresponds with the valued amount. The design for each bill is aesthetically pleasing as well as well thought out. The colour choice is bold and eye catching, with the type choice being clean and legible. Overall, I think that this project was an interesting and fresh approach in the design of currency. Here is the link to the concept design of American money.

“Neuromarketing” new development in advertising

This article is about modern scientific neurology studies that advertisers are utilizing in hopes to better predict how their products will be perceived by the general masses. I found this article extremely interesting because our the new ways science is being used to understand the human mind. Here’s the link to the article.